The natural wood of your deck can be easily discolored from various strains of mold, mildew, and of course sun and water damage. This type of deck power washing requires special attention when being cleaned.

That gray color of your wood means that your deck has had heavy exposure to the sun. This gray patina on most decks when cleaned early enough can effectively restore the woods appearance when done correctly.

Our deck power washing team at Aqua know about using the safest products to protect your deck surface. We’ve found that some homeowners may buy a pressure washer at their local home DIY store, but then discover that using the wrong tip can often discolor or create gouges in the wood.

This splintering causes a permanent flaw in the deck and if left untreated may cause blistering or splintering which could cause harm to someone walking on the deck barefoot. Many find that the only way to repair this damage is to replace the wood, and this could be costly.

Using our low pressure pump techniques, combined with the proper application of detergents and/or bleach will allow your original wood look to be restored as much as possible without damaging the wood.

Deck Power washing Prior to Painting or Staining Your Deck

It’s always a great idea to power wash your deck prior to cleaning to ensure you have the best possible material to paint or stain.

You wouldn’t want to attempt to stain your deck when it’s covered in milder or that faded gray patina caused by the sun. Deck power washing is an integral part of the staining process.

Care Taken of Your Landscaping, Plants and Patio Furniture When Deck Power Washing

We will take great care of your landscaping, plants and your patio furniture and be sure to move these items far enough away while we work. We believe in setting a job up properly before starting to ensure your outdoor plants, furniture, lighting and landscaping is left untouched and put back in it proper place if moved.

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