Graffiti Removal Services and Property Restoration

Graffiti can certainly hurt the curb appeal and overall look of your storefront, especially bad graffiti. For some, graffiti is an art form and for vandals, it’s simply a way to act out and be malicious. Often, taggers don’t realize the harm it causes to structures and businesses in their community. Our New Jersey graffiti removal services are a mixture or cleanup and restoration to make your property shine.

We at Aqua Power Washing know and understand that graffiti is often a very real problem that businesses face. As business owners ourselves, we too have felt the sting looking at fresh graffiti tags on our storefront and often vehicles.

Graffiti Removal Services

How We Remove Graffiti

First, we have to determine the surface types; meaning simple glass, or painted | powder coated metal structures, brick, stone, wood etc. Most of these surfaces are either smooth or textured and those weigh in as factors when deciding how to best remove graffiti while keeping the property intact.

Once we determine the graffiti removal services to use, we then formulate a removal method based on the type of medium was used to apply the graffiti. Taggers commonly use spray paint while other graffiti vandals use markers (sharpies), lip stick, shoe polish glitter paint, food and even feces.

Once we determine the materials we can then remove the graffiti by determining:

  • Which type of power washing system to use
  • If chemicals need to be used. We’ll determine which chemicals, if any, must be used based on the graffiti medium applied.
  • What pressure our nozzles need to be set at. The integrity of the property is important to our business, as it is to yours.
  • The angle degree of how the power washing wands are held
  • The water flow rate which determines the impact force of the spray.
  • Water temperature. Often, heated water may cause the property to expand – so a cool setting must be used as well the type of solvent which must be applied.

Each of these items are equally important to removing the graffiti and maintaining the integrity of the property. Call on Aqua Power Washing NJ when you need graffiti removal services in New Jersey.