With our years of fleet washing services experience washing semi-trucks, farm trailers, buses, cars, garbage trucks and other vehicles, we know what it takes to provide proper, and legal, fleet washing services to meets your business needs.

All of our trucks are staffed by professionally licensed mobile fleet cleaners who adhere to the law and the environment. We travel with our own self contained equipment so you’ll never see your resources used.

Some of the features and benefits of Aqua Power Washing Fleet & Mobile Cleaning Services

  • We can clean your entire fleet, in one stop, without using your water
  • Hot water on every truck removes bugs, grease and oil better than traditional cold water applications.
  • Wastewater recovery on every truck keeps you compliant with all EPA and city regulations and stops fines and lawsuits
  • Spot-free reverse osmosis water on all trucks and vehicles. Our spot-free drying method ensures no spots on windows, mirrors or paint.
  • All work is guaranteed to your satisfaction

If you have a company car and need it cleaned prior to a client visit, call us! We do mobile car washing. Our trucks carry over 700+ gallons of water and include reverse osmosis and a water recovery system.

Car Lot and Auction Cleaning of Your Vehicles

Fleet Washing Services Aqua Power WashLet Aqua Power Washing NJ keep your vehicle inventory clean without moving a vehicle around on your lot. Using our reverse osmosis water treatment, your vehicles for sale will dry spot-free without using a chamois. Our car lot cleaning methods allow you to save time and get vehicles cleaned and ready for show.

Aqua Power Washing can help set regular maintenance on car lot vehicles headed to auction or on an as-needed basis. WE can also travel to the auction site and get your vehicles ready for bidding.

Your NJ Fleet Washing Services

  • Spot free reverse osmosis water used on all jobs
  • Waste-water recovery and disposal per city, state and EPA regulations
  • Trailer rinse out
  • Hand brushing of equipment
  • De-greasing
  • Aluminum brightener

The Clean Water Act of 1972: The federal government has developed the Clean Water Act whereby all wash water next to storm drains, or rivers, must be collected and transported away for proper discharge or recycling. You can read more about the Clean Water Act at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_Water_Act