New Jersey dumpster area cleaning is important to your business as well the community. When you have your dumpster area cleaning performed by by Aqua PowerWashing you’ll know that the area is safe from falls due to grease or debris; is safe from rodents that like to live in a dirty dumpster area and that the smell is either removed or reduced thanks to dumpster cleaning.

Dumpster area cleaningYour dumpster is simply a large garbage can which holds all types of trash from your business. Keeping it clean ensures that your business isn’t cited for environmental issues in the county, nor will your customers or neighbors see or smell what your business has hanging out back.

Our New Jersey Dumpster Area Cleaning Services

Aqau Power Washing provides a premier New Jersey dumpster area cleaning service direct to your business. Our professional cleaners will not only clean the area around your dumpster, but will clean the dumpster inside and out. This ensures a proper cleaning of the dumpster area and makes it safe for your employees as well.

We Clean The Following Dumpster Sizes:

  • 2 to 8 Cubic Yard Commercial Dumpster Cleaning
  • 10 – 30 Cubic Yard Roll Off Dumpster Cleaning
  • 20 – 40 Cubic Yard Garbage & Recycle Compactor Cleaning
  • Front Load Dumpster Cleaning
  • Rear Load Dumpster Cleaning

The team at Aqua Power Washing NJ will clean all debris from around the dumpster, then clean the dumpster area. Once that area is taken care of we then begin to clean the exterior and then interior of the dumpster. You’ll notice a significant improvement of this area of your business.

*Note: it’s always best to schedule our dumpster cleaning service after pickup and the dumpster is empty.

Dumpster Area Cleaning Reduces Rodent Population

Your dumpster is a haven for rodents and the disease they carry. By minimizing the amount of waste in and around your dumpster area, we can seriously reduce the number of rodents wishing to take up residence in your dumpster area. Rodents are the number 1 reason for monthly dumpster area cleaning.

Dumpster Area Cleaning Minimizes Lawsuits

Lawsuits come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone can sue your business when even most are fraudulent claims. Take for instance the dumpster diver. That person who wades inside your dumpster looking through the garbage trying to find something to eat, pawn or resell online.

If that person were to slip and fall in your dumpster area, you can bet a lawsuit may be on it sway – even though you placed signs stating no trespassing. By removing debris and cleaning the dumpster area, you can attest the area was clean.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Dumpster pad cleaning is an integral part of keeping the back-end of your facility clean and free of pests and employee accidents. It happens, employees taking out trash or dumping grease often spill those materials and sadly… don’t clean them up right away.

Thats where Aqua Power Washing of New Jersey can help. We’ll not only clean the dumpster area but we will also ensure the dumpster pad is equally as clean. We will degrease, deodorize and sanitize your dumpster pad area.

Economical, Affordable, Reliable NJ Dumpster Cleaning Service

Aqua Power Washing provides reliable and affordable dumpster cleaning in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Call today and schedule your free, no obligation, dumpster area cleaning consultation.

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