If you have a busy storefront it’s probably a good guesstimate that the sidewalk in front of your business is littered with chewing gum deposits. It’s this mess that turns people off when they see it, whereby your store is deemed not worthy of shopping based solely on outward appearances. Aqua Power Washing chewing gum removal services is on call 7 days per week and can help get your storefront in tip top shape.

Studies show that each person chews nearly 300 sticks of gum on average per year. With that number of chewing gum sticks, there’s bounds to be an increase in people crudely depositing their gum on your sidewalk. Not to mention that some people place their discarded gum on handrails, under tables, on your windows and windows sills… it’s disgusting.

Aqua Power Washing of New Jersey has the equipment and knowledge of chewing gum removal and enhance the curb appeal of your storefront.

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal Services

It’s not just a matter of sending a team member to your location and begin cleaning. We know that there are rules and laws which must be followed to ensure that the cleanup is completed with bothering passersby.

Areas that need to be cleaned must be cordoned off as well, signs must be displayed to let people know the area is wet, possibly slippery and to beware.

Aqua Power Washing offers chewing gum removal to all businesses, hospitals, residences, HOA, COA and all New Jersey county governments.