As the seasons change, so does the need to ensure our equipment to heat and cool our businesses is working optimally. Prior to the summer season, its a good idea to schedule air conditioner coil cleaning for your A/C or ground unit. Air conditioner cleaning will save you money on repair and replacement of your A/C unit but also in added electricity bills.

Much like your lungs, an air conditioner must also breathe freely. If your A/C can’t breathe it runs the risk of shutting down or worse, breaking down. So, when you can’t breathe, it’s harder for you to operate.

Every 2% increase in condensing temperature caused by having dirty coils, the efficiency of the A/C unit decreases by 1% and the electricity consumption increases by 1%.

When You Don’t Do Proper Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning:

Commercial Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning

  1. Dirty A/C Coils: When the coils are dirty, it forces your air conditioner to work longer inevitably causing the unit to run longer and not shut off as it is supposed to.
  2. Heat Transfer: Air should be able to move through the unit so hot refrigerant can be cooled. When the units coils are dirty, the machine cannot properly cool the refrigerant into a liquid.
  3. Poor Performance: High refrigerant temperatures and pressures reduce the overall ability to cool and produce cold air. Your air conditioner will now work much longer and harder causing higher electricity bills without great cooling.
  4. Oil Viscosity Breakdown: This occurs when the unit cannot cool the refrigerants, the oil begins to break down creating an acid mixture. This new acid will deteriorate your lines until the compressor burns out. Even when you replace the compressor, the old oil and acids are still within the system. Air conditioner coil cleaning regularly will help prevent this.
  5. Operating Time: when the air condition coils are dirty, the unit must run longer to achieve the proper temperature.. typically, very dirty units never reach capacity and simply shut down or burn out.

Clean AC coils reduce downtime and greatly reduces the cost of AC repair. When you have Aqua Powerwashing of NJ come out to clean the A/C coils you can be assured that your unit will breathe easier causing you less worry about running the unit through what may be one of the hottest summers in New Jersey history.

Never Clean Air Conditioner Coils with a Pressure Washer

The water pressure in most pressure wash systems is too great and can damage, rupture and blast holes through the fins and tubes on your coils. You’ll then need to replace the coils because when a coil is laid over, it stops the unit from breathing properly.

Aqua Power Washing employs a sort-power wash to get your air conditioner coils clean and debris free. Our low power wash is at a mere 1/2 gallon per minute which also mean we won’t overflow the unit.